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New School & Coaching To Become 'DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR'

By 2025 Digital industry is expected to grow 500M$ industry & 80% of the activity will move from Offline to Online. Whether you're a Student, Employee or Business Owner, Start learning now about digital Products, Skills & Tools to scale your income & knowledge as per market trend.



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About Me

Unlike majority of Indians, i too was from middle class family & very few members in our community are Self-employed who never dared to become "ENTREPRENEUR" may be because of one's conditioning. Now you might be thinking what is difference between Self-Employed & Entrepreneur....

Let me tell you truth a SELF-EMPLOYED earn to make living & ENTREPRENEUR invest to make Best 

I am Manish Bhandary, father of 2, husband to loving wife & I influence myself to influence others.

I help 'Solo Entrepreneur' to launch & Scale their Online business with Productivity Actions & Digital Tools.

My purpose is to ignite purpose in others by guiding how to make money through online!!!

♣ Why igniting purpose in others?

People don't know what they want & how to get it.

♣ Why to make Money?

Money gives Confidence & Satisfaction to fulfil one's Desire.

♣ Why through Online?

Online is the current & future trend to Transcat & Communicate for all the Business. 

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These tools & programs are part of my daily rituals to get the best of myself and offer the best for my clients


Freedom Business Model

These are the programs were I learn all new Digitals Tools


Four Percent

These is the programs which changed my mindset & helped me to grow as a purposeful person


Solo Entrepreneur

The Process and tools that

helps me to make money

'Make A Difference' contest

I am excited to invite you to participate in our
special Four Percent 'Make a Difference' contest and
we can't wait to celebrate your success in Miami, Florida, in June 2021, on an exquisite, $40-Million private mega-yacht - an experience you'll never forget!

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Business Owner

Good Adviser With Modern Updated Technical Talk, I Really benefitted From Him. My Business Also Improved. Thanks Mr. Manish



Sous Chef

I Learn a lot About Affiliate Marketing & Business Development Steps As I Was Always Studying a lot I Got Nice Clear Picture With Manish School Webinar & The Video Zoom Meet Station I Attached It Has Given Me A Different Point Of View To Look At Today's Needed For Latest Trend



Network Marketer

Really Good To See So Much Of Influence. Good Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing